For the development of identity
Whats your name
Your Email
Tell about your brand
Brand history
how did you come to create the brand, what prompted you, why did you decide to do it
Your mission
what problem does your brand solve, what is the philosophy and mission of the brand
Price segment
Market area
Slogan or descriptor
A short phrase revealing the company's activities under the logo
What images are associated with the brand:
for example, for bed linen there can be a cloud, a feather, stars, etc.) How do you perceive your brand visually? What feelings does he convey?
Brand positioning
How should the audience perceive it? Serious / funny, soft / rude, etc.
Examples of brands you like
Which brands are close to you? Why do they resonate with you and what details do you highlight in them?
The target audience:
who is your client? what does he do, where does he live, what is his social status and why does he need your brand?
What 5 media will need to be developed?
Business card, package, signboard, etc. (multi-page media are paid extra $ 30 / sheet)
Brand Instagram
(if you have)
Additional comments
If any questions cause difficulties, please contact me, we will think about this issue together